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The City of Peru provides residents with electric and water service. Residents will be billed monthly for utility services. Utility bills include electric, water, sewer and garbage/landfill charges. If the resident had chipper service perfomed, that fee will also be on the utility bill.

Each bill shall contain the following information:
(1) The time period of utility services provided for each service
(2) The amount owed for each utility service supplied
(3) The date when complete payment is due; and
(4) Notice whether the bill for each service is based upon actual or estimated measurement of the amount of utility services supplied.

Billing schedule.
Due date: 17th day after billing date.
Penalty posted: 18th day after billing date.
Notice of disconnect generated: 18th day after billing date.
Last date of payment due: 28th day after billing date.
Termination date: 31st day after billing date.

New account deposits. All tenants who lease premises for residential purposes, any person who occupies premises for any purpose other than residential purposes, and all customers who have had service disconnected due to the delinquency of past bills shall deposit the following sums with the city clerk before electric service is provided by the city to the electric customer:

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